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Liberty Global Spark 360°

Liberty Global Spark! 360°

Liberty Global Spark!


Liberty Global


Concepting, design and animation

Kreukvrij was asked by Liberty Global to create an movie for their Spark! innovation initiative. Spark! is an innovation platform. The purpose of the platform is to give ideas of every employee the chance to to grow and be implemented in the company.

We translated this in "A small push can move big things" and came up with a Rube Goldberg machine. To show the technological/innovative character of the platform, we made it 360°! That was never done before!

In 2017 it won PromaxBDA Europe Gold!

Client: Liberty Global
Client Producer: Martijn Gademan

Production Company: Kreukvrij

OIaf Gremie

Lars Scholten / Olaf Gremie

Sound Design:
Nenad Simsic